Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Why I Love Oil Painting

Today, I would like to take a minute and discuss why I like oil painting so much. Below are the top 10 reasons why oil painting is such a great medium. Some of the benefits are from the prospective of the painter and form the admirer. Enjoy, and thanks for reading.
  1. Time
    As an amateur artist, I enjoy the time that oil paints give me. They take linger to dry which gives me the time to take care of mistakes that I might make along the way. 
  2. Color Depth
    Oil paints allow the artist to use more colors by simply layering colors upon each other. This leads to a richness that can not be achieved with other forms of painting.
  3. Consistent Colors
    Unlike other types of paints, oil paints tend to look the same both dry and wet. This means that, as an artist, you can see what your painting will look like before it dries completely. 
  4. Texture
    As an artist, you can use texture to create a unique effect. This adds another dimension to your painting that can not easily be obtained with other forms.
  5. Long Life
    Oil paintings maintain there beauty for a long time. Oil paintings have proved themselves to be very durable and resistant to aging. 
  6. Large Color Range
    Because you can easily combine and layer colors, there is a huge color range with oil painting. This gives the artist the ability to let their imagination run wild. 
  7. Smooth Painting
    Oil paints just go on smoother than other forms of paint. This makes it easier to create the desired effect and makes it more enjoyable to work with.
  8. Easy To Work With
    Because it does not dry out quickly, the paint will stay "wet" longer. This means that it will continue to be easy to apply and will not need to be replaced with fresher paint often.
  9. Oil Paints Are Traditional
    There is just something about working with oil paints that is historic. It feels like you are an artist from history working with the most traditional of mediums. Oil is oil and that makes it great. 
Damn, what happened to ten. I guess you will just have to make the 10th reason that oil painting is great. I have run out of ideas and time. So, the 10th reason is all yours. 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

How To Oil Paint

Looking to give oil painting a shot? Good for you. Here is a video that you might find informative.

Nautical Themed Oil Paintings

Here are 5 of the greatest oil paintings with a nautical theme. The top one if my favorite. Enjoy

Saturday, August 2, 2014


Welcome to my blog. This blog will be a celebration of my favorite art form, oil painting. I have dabbled in this art form myself, but could never really get the hang of it. You would think that my failure at oil painting would make me hate it, but the truth is quite the contrary. In fact, now I have an even greater appreciation for it and those who can do it successfully.

I hope that you enjoy my blog and check back often. I will use these pages to discuss some of my favorite examples of oil painting. Hopefully, I can convince others of the beauty of this type of painting and even encourage some to give it a try for themselves. Thanks for reading and stopping by.

Jamie Benz